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In today’s era, science and technology are transforming the way of living and bringing revolution to human life. From Internet-of-things( like smart homes, smartwatches) to green buildings, green energy, etc, technological advancement bought significant changes in routine life. The health care sector is witnessing remarkable developments globally as well.


There will be mornings when you will find no hope
And it will be difficult to cope..
But remember..
That fire in your bone
It never meant to be gone
No matter how many times your heart breaks
No matter how much courage it takes…
You have to look up to the sky
Because you are born to fly high..

And remember it might be difficult to cope but today you have to stand up to be your own ray of hope..


Originally published at http://thoseinkedstories.com.


|Content Strategist|Copy writer| Researcher cum Writer| Want to know more? Reach out to me at Pratibhayd@gmail.com

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